Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nothing notable has happened today on my Tama-Gos. They are each 18 years old and still, Kuromametchi has not evolved into a senior.
   At 12:30 today, Zinnia, at age 5, married a Kuchipatchi through her Band Manager. They gave birth to a baby boy. Tomorrow, I will post pictures tomorrow.
   Petunia was also proposed to at the same time, but her potential husband was a Togetchi, exactly like her father, which I thought would be odd, so, despite his good looks, I politely declined his proposal. When asked to marry at 4:30 PM, Petunia's potential mate, Mametchi, was identical to her grandfather. Believing this to be. . . weird, we again refused to marry him, greatly saddening Petunia, the band manager, and the possible future husband :-(
   The other day, I mentioned Petunia sitting on the floor with a Z over her head, like she was sleeping, not in bed. Is this a nap?? Last time, I thought I might be going insane, but this morning, it happened again!! Quickly, I snapped some photos, catching the strange phenomenon on camera.
Petunia is sitting on the ground. She woke up an hour or two ago, but now she seems half-asleep. Or maybe having a seizure? Meditating? What happened? BTW the door icon has nothing to do with this sleep thing; the Tamagotchi happened to beep for mail at that time. Something else strange is that Petunia didn't "snap out of it" when the doorbell rang. Nothing happened until I pushed a button, and then she was back to normal, standing with an exclamation point over her head because of the door icon.
Does anyone else know what this is? Have you or someone you know experienced it before? Should I be worried? Please answer my desperate questions in the comments section.
I am getting beyond excited for my TamaWalkie to arrive. How do I patiently wait for a pedometer?
Thanks for reading,
Mata atode!
Amat Gotchi

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